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Answering some common questions for you.

Autify Network

Autify is a blend of the words "authentication" and "verify."  Autify is  the universal symbol of truth for consumers and brands. We are developing a trust protocol for the global supply chain

No, Autify solving commerce and supply chain problems using Blockchain technology. We are a SaaS company. 

Traceability, in supply chain traceability, is the ability to identify, track and trace elements of a product or substance as it moves along the supply chain from raw goods to finished products.

We are using blockchain technology. Blockchain technology promotes transparency and trust with participants being able to have relatively unfettered access to their records, cutting time and effort made on endless to-ing and fro-ing.


Autify’s Track and Trace Module gives a real time product tracking functionality and helps helps verify the authenticity of the product

All the data that is entered on the platform is encrypted and is then entered onto secure EVM blockchain.

Autify offers several unique features and benefits that set it apart from other supply chain tracking platforms. Here are some reasons why you might choose Autify over other products:

  1. Use of blockchain technology: Autify uses blockchain technology to ensure that supply chain data is secure, tamper-proof, and transparent. This technology offers a high level of security that is not available with other supply chain tracking platforms.
  2. Easy integration: Autify is designed to integrate with a variety of supply chain systems, making it easy to implement and use. It can be integrated with existing systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, and WMS, without disrupting your current operations.
  3. Real-time visibility: Autify provides real-time visibility into your supply chain operations, allowing you to track products and goods at every step of the process. This level of visibility can help you identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Customizable dashboards: Autify's dashboards are customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. You can create and modify dashboards to display the data and analytics that are most important to you.
  5. Cost-effective: Autify is a cost-effective solution compared to other supply chain tracking platforms. It offers a flexible pricing model that can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to pay for only what you use.
  6. Customer support: Autify provides dedicated customer support to help you implement and use the platform. They offer training and ongoing support to ensure that you get the most out of the product.

Being transparent about your operations can have several benefits for your brand, including:

  1. Increased trust.
  2. Better reputation
  3. Improved customer loyalty
  4. Differentiation

Improved risk management


Yes, Gaining visibility into your supply chain enhances your ability to monitor and improve suppliers' environmental and social practices. Supply chain visibility is the business’s ability to see into operations at every tier of its supply chain, and to enable its supply chain stakeholders to share with each other all relevant information. 

Our platform works on a Freemium pricing model, wherein an initial number of SKUs can be tracked for free and are followed by paid tiers .

No, the payments are entirely through Fiat, and all major Credit/Debit cards are accepted.

 No, but we will incorporate this in the upcoming development stage. Our list of priorities includes this feature.