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Autify Network is committed to transforming the luxury fashion industry and bringing greater transparency to the supply chain
With advanced technology and AI's help, Autify Network will work towards the unique identification of physical products to ensure their originality.
"I tried looking for a solution to counterfeiting, and when I realised there wasn’t one built yet, I had an idea to build it myself" - says founder, Autify Network
The startup is currently conducting pilot projects with five international companies and has recorded over 10K transactions on its test network.
“ Autify network selected for the India Blockchain Accelerator by the Government of Telangana, Loop Ventures incubation & ZilHive incubation by Zilliqa”
Autify Network's blockchain-based platform revolutionises the luxury fashion industry's supply chain management by ensuring transparency, efficiency, and trust.
The Autify Network team, mentors and advisors consist of experienced professionals from the luxury fashion industry, blockchain, and supply chain management.
The Autify Network team is determined to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, and their impact on the luxury fashion industry will undoubtedly be profound.

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